How Much Does A Good Criminal Defence Lawyer Cost?



If you or your loved one is facing a criminal charge, it’s important to hire an attorney. Also, you should know how much it will cost to hire a criminal defense lawyer like racerxonline. Because these situations come as a surprise, most people aren’t prepared for the moment financially.

According to CTN News The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer depends on several factors. These might include the jurisdiction where you have been charged, the seriousness of the crime, the experience of your lawyer, and the complexity of the crime. This post sheds light on certain fees that are charged by a Fort Bend criminal defense lawyer.

Factors that make up for criminal defense lawyer costs:

Because every case is different, they are treated differently. Here is the breakdown so that you are aware of how the structure works.

  • Defendant’s income – In general, if your income is less than $49000 a year, you may be entitled to an attorney appointed by the court. If your income is higher, you have to hire a private attorney.
  • Investigation – Criminal cases could become complex. As such, your criminal lawyer may need experts to testify about certain aspects of the case. Now, these are expensive. Besides, expert testimony can make a difference between freedom and conviction.
  • Lawyer fees – Not every lawyer would charge the same amount. Certain aspects that you may need to consider when hiring a criminal defense lawyer include the seriousness and complexity of the charge, the attorney’s experience, whether or not the case will have a trial, and so on.

Misdemeanor fine and charges

Varying levels of misdemeanors will have different types of punishment. For example, a Class A misdemeanor will have serious consequences compared to Class B. In that case, the attorney fees for Class A would be more expensive. For Class A, the maximum punishment will be for a year with a $4000 fine. This type includes –

  • Cable service stealing
  • Property theft for up to $2500
  • Assault
  • Protective order violation

For Class B, the maximum punishment is 180 days with a $2000 fine. This type includes –

  • Property theft ranging from $100 to $750
  • Indecent exposure
  • Property theft of less than $100 if the defendant has a history of grand theft
  • Possession of 2 ounces or even less of marijuana

Typically, the cost of hiring a good Fort Bend criminal defense lawyer can range between $2500 and $8000.

Felony charges

Because felony charges are more complex and time-consuming, they are expensive. Only an experienced Sugar Land Expunction Lawyer should handle your case if you are involved in a capital felony. A first-degree felony can have a punishment of 5 to 99 years along with a $10000 fine.

For the second degree, the punishment is a $10000 fine and 2 to 20 years imprisonment. A third-degree felony carries a fine of $10000 and imprisonment of 2 to 10 years. While hiring a criminal lawyer may range from $10000 to $30000, serious felonies can cost more than that.

Find the best criminal defense lawyer

Before you find the right Fort Bend criminal defense lawyer for your case, conduct thorough research. Speak to a criminal attorney and ask to quote a price for your case.